Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | January 16, 2012

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Goal Setting

After working through Week 1: Setting Goals, in Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success In 9 Weeks, I’ve decided that I need to improve my goal setting skills. I want to support myself better (avoid sabotage!), and be able to experience the satisfaction of accomplishing things daily, monthly, and yearly. Here follow some observations around goal setting.

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Goal Setting

1. Clear your Mental Energy and Psychic Space

Suzanne Evans, in her Business Blueprint program, lists 5 common things that can be significant time drains:

– a bad relationship or marriage

– an unresolved issue that you think about daily

– a secret that you are afraid will be found out

– an unresolved major money issue

– a lie

It’s essential to look at these things before doing anything else, because when we’re psychically weighed down, we’re less efficient. Example: last week, I finally took my Canadian Citizenship Test. I could have applied about 10 years ago! I can really feel how my psychic space has opened up.

2. Use a Task Management Program

I’m a big advocate for writing things in pen, on paper, and I use black Mead 5 Star Notebooks for scribbling down all my lyrics and stuff like goals and to-do lists. After I fill an entire notebook, I go through and list all the songs I wrote in it (lyrics scattered and disorganized throughout) on a kind of Table Of Contents 3×5 card. But I find it’s also necessary to make entries in the computer for easy tracking and archiving.

For getting organized, I like Things,, because I believe “out of your head, out of your way” is another step towards clearing mental energy and psychic space. You can track your 5 Successes Each Day, as Ariel Hyatt  suggests, with a To-Do list, as well as set up the Bigger Picture. Create Projects, and break them down into manageable tasks with due dates. Define different areas of responsibility, such as creative, business, and personal. My downfall has always been the attaching-dates-and-sticking-to-them deal, so I want to use Things more wisely.

3. Become A Better Task Manager

David Allen is the man behind something called the Getting Things Done System. There is a cool quiz here, where “In less than two minutes, you will get a visual representation of where you fit in terms of the two critical elements of self management – control and perspective.”

You can see right away how your personal productivity ranks. Then you can follow him on Twitter, sign up for his newsletter, download free articles, etc., and go about becoming a ‘Captain And Commander’ in the world of Getting Things Done.

That’s what I intend to do.Image


  1. Hey Debra,
    It was lovely to meet you at Robbie’s songwriter afternoon on Sunday; glad to see we are on the same page in terms of doing Ariel’s challenge. Good luck with it all, and let’s keep in touch.

  2. Hi Debra…

    Great points being made here 🙂 I remember once sitting in an inspirational marketing summit and the teacher said: “Never let anyone make you feel LESS THAN” that’s what
    – a bad relationship or marriage

    – an unresolved issue that you think about daily

    – a secret that you are afraid will be found out

    – an unresolved major money issue

    Will do and it is so important to clean up before you can kick butt. Looking forward to seeing your next post!

  3. Psychic space is so key. So, I did the GTDS test. Apparently I’m a Visionary / Crazy Maker at the moment! 😀

  4. Thanks Debra!!

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