Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | January 31, 2012

This Song’s For You–From The Girl With Three Heads

Music Success in 9 Weeks Social Media Challenge Week 3: “Your Website” is about designing a site that, as Ariel Hyatt says:

  1. Clearly explains the basics about you
  2. Helps you capture and engage fans
  3. Makes you $$$

Last week, over lunch during Toronto’s Songposium Event, I had a chance to speak with about a dozen Canadian Songwriters taking part in the challenge. Everyone agreed: we are interacting with each other on so many different platforms across the web, we can’t remember where we’ve said what—was it online, in real life, or—all in our heads?

It took me ten minutes to track down where I’d written about my Girl With Three Heads Dream (Facebook Group). Since it’s pertinent to my website design and development, and it might even be pertinent to yours, here it is:

I’m in a car, which is a convertible and has more of the feeling of a 50’s motor boat: white vinyl seats and aqua cushions…and I’m rolling down a street in town. The sun is out and streaming down. People are everywhere, lining the streets. I seem to be in the back seat; a passenger, and my friend is driving. I look to the right, and there, running, is a girl with three heads. Each head is a bit different, and each head is a different size. One head, on the left, has two phones; one pressed to each ear. The head in the middle is bigger, and has one phone on the right. Not sure if the head on the right even has a phone—I don’t think so. I yell to my friend, who is driving, “You’ve GOT to see this—look over there!” And I point right, to The Girl With Three Heads, but at that very moment, The Girl turns right; she’s jogging away from us. My friend leaves her post at the steering wheel in an instant, and jumps out the right side of the car to follow The Girl and get a better look. The car I’m in starts veering left, off the street, up a sidewalk, towards a huge glass storefront window. And I know I can not get to the steering wheel in time to avoid a crash.

Of course we know what happens next: it’s Wake-Up Time.

As songwriters, we need three heads to process all the information we have to deal with on a daily basis!

We need three heads because we wear so many hats! I know that the three heads in my dream refer to the action I want to take as a songwriter/ publisher, songwriter/music teacher, and songwriter/artist, and those are separate tabs on my website.

But even three heads aren’t enough: as songwriter/entrepreneurs, we are wordsmiths, musicians, students, networkers, marketing managers, technocrats, data analysts, website makers, graphic designers, business & sales people, roadies, recording engineers, community nurturers, creativity experts and curators of art.

We are all just trying to water the tributaries of some shimmeringly beautiful revenue streams…those ones we dream of. (Never mind that a good many consumers expect us to give our songs away.)

Our dreams are BIG! Because we’ve got all those freaking heads!

So, Songwriters, This Song’s For You. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world, and for refusing to give up.


Debra Alexander

Gotta big, fat dream; screams like a baby

Feed it, it’s happy. I can shut the face up.

But my big, fat dream’s got a belly like Buddha

What I bring to the table ain’t enough.

Makes a mess of my life,

Throwing food on the floor.

Eating peas from a knife;

It’s too loud to ignore.

Gotta big, fat dream with a grip like a toddler;

Ten grubby fingers grabbin’ hold of my neck.

And the big, fat dream wants to ride like a piggy

It’s a butt load of baggage unchecked.

Try to tell it, “Bye, bye–

Give a new dream a turn.”

Look it right in the eye—

It’s too stupid to learn

Why, why, why me?

Try, try, but I can’t break free.

Gotta big, fat dream, it’s a helluva charmer

The future looks rosy with a little good luck

And my big, fat dream says, “we’re gonna make it

As long as we never give up.”

Keeps talkin’ that jive, I just want to believe.

‘Cause a piece of that pie–Oh, that’d be sweet,

And a girl’s gotta eat.

Til the day that I die–I’ll be after that pie.

Gotta big, fat dream; screams like a baby

Feed it, it’s happy. I can shut the face up.

© Word Maven Music (ASCAP/SOCAN)

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