Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | February 7, 2012

Efficient Workflows For Songwriters Swamped With Social Media

I decided to wander over to my ReverbNation page today, and incredibly, my fans had shot up from 7 to about 70. I really don’t know how that happened, since I’ve been blissfully ignorant of that page for months. (A classic case of trying to handle more than I can manage.) Last week, I thought about letting it go, since I’m not really focused on being an artist at the moment. Now I feel guilty for being so out of touch with my fans. I even had a message from someone at A&R Select. This is not good!—

If you’ve been following these posts over the past three weeks, you’ll know that it’s now Week 4 of the Music Success in 9 Weeks Social Media Challenge. The topic is, wait for it: Social Media. In this week’s chapter,  Ariel Hyatt suggests there are three separate communities of fans in your fan base, and how you approach them should be different. That means I have 9 separate communities of fans! (See last week’s post,  “This Song’s For You—From The Girl With Three Heads”.)

Which fans are congregating where though? I want to talk to prospective students, music industry types and/or artists who need songs, and maybe my very own personal Debra Alexander artist fans. I thought ReverbNation was mostly for my personal fans, but that’s where a music industry type found me. I recently learned that posting the same thing to Twitter and Facebook is not necessarily a good thing (though it’s a great time saver!), and  I have yet to understand how to use a tool like to filter my Twitter streams.

In short, it is becoming more and more of a challenge to sort all these flowing communications, and to feel like I am actually reaching the appropriate people with the appropriate message. It seems perhaps, that my Vision Statement, and my Mission Statement, and my Positioning Statement(s) are hopelessly jumbled. See: 

In the .pdf article, the author says that a brand is “a promise you can keep” and suggests that we non-corporate types “consider using the word ‘’promise’’ in place of ‘‘brand.’’ For instance, talk about managing our promise, delivering upon our promise, or [name’s] promise is…”

I like this line of thinking.

I will contemplate that with one of my heads, while the other two deal with the unbearable amount of information that comes flooding into my life each day, I spent most of the week trying to organize said information, and figure out how to harness the power rather than feel plowed under the field. Here are a few links to things I’ve been incorporating this week:

Mac Power Users “Managing The Onslaught”

One Password

RSS Feed Reader


From reading the blogs of my colleagues, it looks as though we have all been (ironically) retreating back to our music more this week. I have never been more in love with songwriting in my life! The two days I spent in writing appointments last week were such a gift. Although I do realize the power and potential of social media, I believe it’s going to be unsustainable for many artists, and detrimental to art and culture in the long run, unless we can figure out how to get ourselves in better balance by embracing efficient workflow systems.

If I am reaching you here, please let me know where you’re coming from so I can get my head on straight!


  1. Hi Debra, I like your concept of the promise instead of brand (it has more meaning to me). I have to promise to have something worth sharing. I also think we get too wrapped up in this media stuff. There is so much to juggle. I love how you write – you are very analytical in your approach! Thanks for sharing… H

    • Hi Heather, Thanks for reading & commenting! Still curious about how you use your twitter feed to get all the news that’s fit to read…filters? Etc…?

  2. Hi Debra! I think it’s easy to feel plowed under in this social media landscape. Thanks for reminding us about what it’s all for: the songs – sharing our music, our passion! I think I’m going to try to carve out times of day when I tweet/email & then spend the rest of the time focusing on being creative and thinking about songs, not tweets. It’s easy to get pulled under in the currents but I believe we can swim – if we keep this social media landscape in the right place!

  3. PS Reading tool! Oh, yaaaaa! Thank yooou! 😀

  4. I always learn so much from your blogs! You must be a teacher! 😀
    You have an amazing balance of flexibility to try new things and wisdom to know what works and doesn’t work for you! I admire you so! 🙂

  5. Great blog Debra.

    I liken the potential pitfalls of the Social media to Boost our Career explosion to the fever that overtook Wall Street and infected the US economy – people stopped making things and started coming up with more and more schemes to make money from money. There needs to be product to wrap the marketing around.
    There needs to be a soul.There need to be songs first. Developing the skills to easily balance the creative and marketing aspects in the new web world order is no small feat. Here’s to week 5!

    • Ross, Interesting observation re: Wall Street. Re: “There need to be songs first” –I couldn’t agree more! Soul, Brother.

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