Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | February 16, 2012

My Song Of Canada

This week, life got in the way of my endeavors in the Canadian Songwriters Social Media Challenge. I became a Canadian Citizen. I had my Citizenship Ceremony and a proper celebration (in proportion to how long it took me to get to this point: 14 years). It was moving and special to be one of 74 new citizens from 34 countries.

Even on Ceremony Day, I had The Challenge (based on Ariel Hyatt’s Music Success in 9 Weeks, and now in Week 5: You Tube) in mind, and I asked my dear friends to video me with their iPhones, as I played and sang “My Song Of Canada”, which I wrote back when I was particularly frustrated with the immigration process. I have never been able to play this song without getting all choked up about it–immigration was an ordeal, let me tell you!–and last week was no exception, though I was actually crafing (half crying, half laughing), which is quite a leap forward from where I started.

I thought “My Song Of Canada” could be an appropriate post, as it documents an emotional time in life, now come full circle. When I landed in Canada, I was proud that I came in as a songwriter/musician. And I’m pleased with how my song takes me back and evokes all the sensual experience of the place and situation I was in when I wrote it. That’s what songwriting is all about.

The task of editing my You Tube video is a daunting one however, and I am already two days behind this week. So I have posted just the briefest of clips on You Tube, Here are the lyrics.

My Song of Canada

Oh Canada

I know that I’m a Yankee,

And that’s kind of like a sin.

But I’ve done my time, I’ve stood in line–

Please let me in.

If I ever get my VISA,

I’ll call the INS.

I’ll make ‘em say it’s true

My file ‘s been laid to rest.

And then I’ll cross the border,

I’ll wear my red beret.

They’ll ask me where I live,

And I’ll say, “Canada, eh?”

I’ll sing my song of Canada

I’ll sing my song of Canada

I’ll kiss a royal Mountie,

I’ll curtsy to the Queen;

Salute the flags in Old Quebec

With Fleur Des Lis.

I’ll tap some maple syrup,

I’ll be a Blue Jays fan.

I’ll wave across the lake–

At Uncle Sam.

I’ll sing my song of Canada

I’ll sing my song of Canada

I’ll make my fame & fortune

I’ll write my hockey song

They’ll sing along in Canada

Sing my song of

Oh Canada


  1. Love the red beret line!! I love your perspective of all of the canadianisms. You reminded me a bit of Joni Mitchell in this tune!! Now go have a Tim’s!

    • Heather! If I ever get the video up, you can see Joni on my wall… Thanks for reading & responding & suggesting a Tim’s!

  2. How many times I done that with the first strum. Welcome aboard! Oh by the way what is that sheet on the clip board?

    • Hey–Yeah! Can’t remember what song is on the clipboard–just another one I was charting in order to study or teach.

  3. Loved your laugh on the video. Best, T

  4. So happy you’re a fellow Canuck now!
    Nice tribute! ;D

    • Thanks, Kat! We should celebrate with P-I-E- don’t ya think?


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