Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | May 1, 2012

Country Pattern Exercise

Country Pattern Exercise

Part of what I do at Song Maven Studio is to help songwriters learn how to use the piano as a writing tool, and gain some facility in playing it. This involves various fun sorts of exercises. (We can also work with guitar, but the piano is easier to play and have it sound good, almost immediately, as well as a better tool for learning music theory.)  We learn basic chord progressions and how to incorporate them into songwriting.

A great place to start is with Country music patterns. Classic Country is deceptively simple, because it’s mostly I-IV-V7 chords. But applying various rhythmic patterns and learning to play these in all 12 keys is challenging, as well as fun.

This video in the key of G was taken by my student during our lesson so he could learn the lick at home and use it as a reference. (Thanks Paul!) I wasn’t concentrating on my fingering at the time, but more on the explanation (and not realizing I might want to share this)—so, do as I say here and not as I did there (!), and put your LH thumb on the G, cross to the G# with your middle finger, and use your thumb again on the A.

Have questions? Want more progressions, different styles, whatever…let me know and I’ll try to help.



  1. When I see it I gotta act! There’s no time like the present! ;p

  2. Oh, man! Amazing always! Killer lessons! I love the video accompaniment! This could totally be a lesson series! So helpful as a practicing reference! 😀

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