Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | July 31, 2012

Happy Trails!

Greetings from the midst of summer! Here are some pics from my bike trip to Pine Hill–the way back. This time I followed the Erie Canal to Lockport, rode north to the Ridge (Rte. 104), and crossed back into Canada at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge. I got caught in a big downpour right before the bridge crossing, so no pics there!

Pine Hill was idyllic. My niece and nephew are flying a kite and appear as a bright spot in the centre of the landscape.



Happy Hour in the Grove.



The Barn and The Crib at Dusk.



A series of shots on the Erie Canal at Lockport.


I had never actually seen a boat in a lock before–even though I’ve been to the locks many, many times. It only took a few minutes to lower this boat. I’m taking the picture from the same spot, so you can see how far down the boat went.


Here’s a pic of my bike to prove I made it back to Toronto.



Hope your summer trails have been as happy as mine!


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