Posted by: Debra Alexander / wordmavenmusic | May 6, 2013

Songwriters Association of Canada Blog Challenge 2013 Part 2


It’s been a couple weeks now since the Coursera Songwriting class with Pat Pattison came to a close, but my duties at Guest Blogger and Challenge 2013 Group Moderator went on with gusto, as I attempted to read all of about 120 Blogs! I had some catching up to do, but had a lovely time checking in with songwriters from around the country as they chronicled their weekly frustrations and triumphs around the lesson and assignment. In my last post I provided the links to the first three of my six guest blogs. Here are the final three:

Week Four “Stressing The Right Syllables in Songwriting”

Week Five “The Muse Is Not King in Songwriting (i.e. You Need Skills)”

Week Six “Songwriting For Survival — Inviting Your Audience to ‘Follow The Lion’”

I’m very grateful to the Songwriters Association of Canada, and especially to Lily Cheng, my fearless editor there, as well as all the Challenge participants I’ve had the privilege of getting to know.

Here’s to the continued practice of putting those new songwriting tools to excellent use!


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